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"My 9 year old cocker spaniel was one of their first clients on the opening day. They’ve now treated her for two issues that we put off over covid, including a surgery. Dr June, Tina and the rest of the team clearly adore animals. They are patient, have a strong attention to detail and my dog adores them. Highly recommend."

Shawna Little C. | Google

“Compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable.
In a world where we all care dearly for our little furry friends and would do anything for them, it is extremely refreshing to have an experience where your vet listens and makes a decision with you (not for you) and in your best interests (not their bottom line).

Dr Chan took the time to listen to our concerns, offer insights and present our solutions with logical risk assessment for both the condition in question and the impact on our pet (who does not do well in social environments).”

Andrew R. | Google

"Our first visit to Fraserview Vet was great! Dr. June Siu and the staff treated our dog Momo with care, and were happy to answer all the questions that we had about Momo. I would highly recommend future and existing pet owners to come here or their sister hospital, Point Grey Vet, if you want your pets to be professionally cared for."

Derrick L. | Google

3 Reasons Why You Should Spay Your Pet

3 Reasons Why You Should Spay Your Pet

3 Reasons Why You Should Spay Your Pet Did you know that spaying your pet provides many health benefits? Here are three reasons why spaying your female cat or dog is essential. #1: Spaying your pet greatly reduces their risk of developing mammary cancer By spaying...

Start the New Year with Pet Dental Care

Start the New Year with Pet Dental Care

4 Reasons Why Pet Dental Care Should Be on Every Pet Owner’s New Year’s Resolutions List Is having better dental care habits on your pet's New Year's resolution list? If not, it should be! We think it should be on every pet owner’s New Year’s resolutions list. If...

3 Indoor Enrichment Activities for Pets

3 Indoor Enrichment Activities for Pets

3 Invigorating Indoor Activities for Pets Bad weather got your pet is going stir-crazy from being cooped up indoors? Try incorporating indoor enrichment activities! These games will exercise not only your furry pal’s body but also their mind, allowing them to burn off...

Debunking Cancer Myths in Pets

Debunking Cancer Myths in Pets

5 Cancer Myths in Pets Did you know that November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month? In honor of National Pet Cancer Awareness Month, our team at Fraserview Veterinary Hospital wants to reveal the truth behind common myths about cancer in pets. Learn what really...

3 Ways to Help Less Fortunate Pets

A Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving   It’s not just people who overeat during Thanksgiving festivities. Pets may also overindulge, and too much of a good thing can lead to a messy outcome, like vomiting and diarrhea. To avoid a potential Thanksgiving tragedy, give your...

5 Tips to Help Stop Dog Barking

Living with a dog that barks constantly can be quite an irritant. Not just for the dog’s human family but potentially for neighbors, dog training classmates, and more. As a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, I have a confession to make – I have one of those annoying...

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